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"I'm not always hungry anymore and I am losing weight. Getting that metabolism going in the morning and not eating so much at night is the key for me." - George Q. - Coram, NY

"After I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Joan helped me greatly with sound nutritional guidance, that allayed many fears I had at the beginning of my illness. She gave me confidence and new wisdom to deal with what is now a very manageable condition. She taught me that this illness can easily be controlled and even reversed." - Bob R. - Melville, NY

"I learned a great deal about eating healthier, well-balanced meals that not only satisfy my hunger, but also help increase my metabolism thus accelerating weight loss. Joan has shared some great materials and easy-to-follow recipes with me. In addition to educating me on healthy habits, Joan helped me to develop a personalized plan of action. This plan consists of daily goals that are achievable and will help me to reach my long-term outcomes. I am exercising more regularly. Not only am I losing weight, but I also have more energy and feel better!" - Lou Juliano, RPh - Commack, NY